Add whiskey, Don’t ask
Add whiskey, Don’t ask

Add whiskey, Don’t ask

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This is the perfect infusion mix to leave in the fridge for a
fun night cap or after work sip! Add whiskey, Don't ask is a
honey, ginger & lemon infusion for whiskey, bourbon (or
even vodka or tequila)!
It's a simple fresh cocktail mix that mixes well with ginger
beer, club soda or sprite as a mixer. For a fun mocktail
(zero proof) add club soda or tonic and let it chill! For a
fantastic tea just add hot water! Add up to 20 ounces of
your favorite spirits, refrigerate and let the infusion
process make the best drink you've ever tasted! Shake or
stir, strain for a smooth experience. Drink over ice (big
cubes make it fancy) or straight up.